If you’re not “Inspiralized” you’re missing out.

Confession. I am obsessed with my vegetable spiralizer and Inspiralized.com… really obsessed. My spiralizer is hands down my favorite kitchen gadget, but it would be nothing without Ali Maffucci’s ideas. She really opens up a whole new dimension of cooking for anyone trying to get more veggies in their diet, but her work is especially helpful for people who are gluten or grain free.

Seriously. You’re missing out.

I have been spiralizing for a while now but my enthusiasm has been rejuvenated by the release of Ali’s first cookbook:


I really only purchased this book because I wanted to monetarily support this girl because she has helped me so much. She has A LOT of free recipes on her website so you really don’t NEED this book, but it is very cool. I wasn’t expecting to get much out of this book because I have a list of 22 recipes I have been meaning to make from her site and she adds more all the time. On my first flip through I was very impressed!  Veggie waffles, veggie rice pudding, veggie sandwich rolls and bagels… she has so many great ideas. Spiralizing is so much more than 1:1 subbing for pasta!

The key to spiralizing is getting your spiralizer out and using it, once you do and get in the habit of it you will realize it is SO much faster than cooking pasta, and if you’re organized about it it really cuts your veggie prep time. Turning the handle on the spiralizer is WAY faster than cutting up veggies by hand and it makes thin shapes that cook quickly. This is really helpful if you have some potatoes or sweet potatoes sitting around you want to use up. Just spiralize them into spaghetti and throw them into a pan with some salt, olive oil and whatever other veggies you have on hand. Instant comfort food. No need to preheat the oven and wait for the potatoes to roast.

Most veggies can be spiralized ahead of time too and store well in the refrigerator. The only ones that don’t are anything that oxidizes like apples or white potatoes because they turn brown quickly.

I make a lot of weeknight meals with my spiralizer and potato, sweet potato or zuchinni pasta but probably won’t be posting many recipes because I realize not all my readers own a spiralizer, but for the record I recommend one.

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