Meal Prep for Lazies

Every Sunday I start the week with great intentions… 100% paleo meals, different dinner every night then by monday we are ordering gluten free pizza. I’m exaggerating but the struggle is real.

I’m in the process of training my own personal chefs.


But in the meantime I have discovered that I can just order catering every sunday, divide it into containers and my meal prepping is done!

The restaurant I have been using is more than happy to make our meals grain and dairy free for us, and it makes my life a lot simpler. Per meal this is about the same price as using HelloFresh, a meal delivery service, but HelloFresh requires you to cook the meals yourself. I am looking to save time so ordering the catering is a better option for us for now.

Here’s an example of what I ordered that we are picking up today:

1/2 pan of chicken thighs and vinegar peppers (12 servings)

1 pan roasted potatoes (~25 servings)

1 pan roasted vegetables (~25 servings)

From a high end restaurant this cost me $150, but it is A LOT of food.

We eat it fresh for dinner when we pick it up then I split it into containers for lunches. I will get 9 adult lunches or 7 adult lunches and 4-5 toddler lunches and will have quite a few servings of veggies and potatoes left over to serve with dinner throughout the week.  Then all I have to do is make 2-3 simple entrees like fish or pulled pork throughout the week and serve with the extra veggies and potatoes.  Serving each dinner with salad stretches this even farther! I also puree some of the veggies and potatoes for my 11 month old.

I realize this is not the most cost effective, keep in mind it would be cheaper from a less expensive restaurant.  I plan to try ordering catering from chipotle, Lloyd’s taco truck (local to Buffalo) and a few other places for variety.  Also it does not work if you do not like to eat the same thing two days in a row but our life is such a disaster right now with the two toddlers and both of us working full time we don’t mind.

You could also freeze some of the sides or main portions if you don’t think you can use them up before they go bad.  With two hungry boys and me eating a ton because I’m still nursing we don’t have this problem!

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