The Fun Stuff

I promised fun. How can giving up junk food be fun!?!

Taking on eating gluten free, grain free or paleo is a challenge that forces you to learn new things and develop new skills. Reading ingredient labels, trying new foods and learning new cooking skills… it’s almost like learning a new language.

It requires practice and commitment and can be extremely rewarding, especially when you document your journey and achievements and have someone to share everything with. If you live alone, or your family isn’t interested in participating, there is a huge community you can reach through social media. There are plenty of knowledgeable people who have been through this and are more than happy to answer your questions and encourage you along the way. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are particularly useful if you need support and ideas… and don’t forget to follow me on all 3!

Jake and I are using this blog to document our “adventure” and we recommend you find somewhere that is convenient for you to store pictures, notes and achievements that you can look back at. Whether it be a blog (try tumblr!) or a digital or physical scrapbook,¬†even Facebook or Instagram.

If you have kids I recommend a physical scrapbook so that you can work on it together and emphasize family time away from electronics but this is not always convenient and digital scrapbooks are free. Throughout my posts you will see pictures of and notice I refer to our “adventure book.” This idea is completely stolen from Disney Pixar and comes from the movie UP.

If you haven’t seen UP stop what you’re doing immediately and go borrow it from the Library or rent it from Amazon.

The other fun part is getting your kids excited about cooking. I don’t know about you but I would really like it if Logan grows up to be a gluten free pastry chef or to own his own restauraunt… Even if he doesn’t, knowing your way around a kitchen is important for everyone.

The only problem with involving your kids in cooking is that it tends to make things a whole lot messier, but it’s worth it! The kitchen is a great place to spend quality time together and the results of your efforts will be tasty and healthy.

Dont forget to involve kids as much as possible in your research when you are reading  about nutrition or looking for recipes. Kids love to get excited about things you are excited about. You can play off their love of control by letting them choose which recipes to try or what types of fruits or veggies to buy for the week.

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