The kooky test

Finally started our adventure book! I bought this adorable leather bound book (I know, I know PETA is sending me straight to hell. I feel bad every time I look at it) and made the cover page and ordered picture prints to put in it! I wrote the cover page in pencil and plan to tape pictures in sloppily. I think the more ghetto I do it the cuter it will be. I want it to be like in the movie UP! image image

I am using this book to document our major milestones and things we do together as a family. I also have another larger book that I’m using to do document every day things, when Logan and Dec get a little bigger I plan to let them help me with that one, and I plan to have one for each year. I’m going to let them draw in it and everything. This leather one is just going to be pictures.

In other news I had this crazy test done called a BioMeridian test. You hold this brass handle in one hand and they use a resistance meter and test how much your energy is stressed on your acupuncture points on your opposite hand when an electric current is run through your body and also run through different environmental and food stressors. Very kooky. But it was cheap compared to allergy blood tests.

So they recommended I avoid coconut, chia seeds, sunflower seeds, asparagus, spinach, broccoli, chicken and sunflower seeds in addition to all the things I already knew I was sensitive to. No grains, no dairy and DEFINITELY no corn or corn based sweeteners. Evidently I’m also sensitive to watermelon and strawberries, which is funny because I was suspecting that because I noticed when I was cutting those up my hands would get itchy! Very interesting. So I figure it can’t hurt to try doing what they say… I hate to admit it but Declan’s skin is better than ever after loosely following their advice for 1 week. I have no idea how this testing could be legit but since I’ve pretty much lost my faith in modern medicine I have a much more open mind.

So we’ll see how that goes. Declan is gaining weight really well and his reflux is much better so I’m just going to keep doing what I’m doing. Sorry I have no recipe or revolutionary idea for you this time, it is just too crazy here right now. I am also working on putting together an easy slow cooker recipe for a charity fundraiser at my store where I work. I will leave you with an updated baby picture of my little chunker.



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