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Why anyone would decide to do a Whole30 when they have a 17 month old and a 7 week old is beyond me… You guessed it, we’re on day 6.

What’s a Whole30? 30 days of detox on only the healthiest foods. That means no grains, no dairy, no crazy chemicals, no alcohol, no dessert and no artificial sweeteners or added sugar. No sugar at all, no honey, no organic cane sugar, no maple syrup… Nothing. If you cheat you’re back to day 1! Only sugar from fruit is allowed.

For us that is the hardest because there is sugar in everything! While I was pregnant I got in a habit of having dessert every night and it got to the point where I HAD to have dessert every night and surprise! It didn’t go away after I had Declan. So we are trying this Whole30 craziness to break me of the habit. Plus it seems to be helping with Declan’s tummy issues and skin as I am still breastfeeding.

We are doing well so far, the key is definitely planning ahead. I planned out every breakfast, lunch and dinner and prepped as much as I could last weekend. We didn’t follow the meal plan exactly (for example I chose leftovers over salads for lunch a few days) but having it written down made making lunches and dinners quicker and easier.

Here’s the plan we followed:


Everything is my original “recipe” (not really recipes more like general instructions) except the avocado ranch dressing.

Avocado Ranch Dressing Recipe

Menu and Shopping List

Instructions and Prep Day Directions PDF

A few things to note if you are going to use this. BBQ sauce and bacon are hard to find with no added sugar, therefore these ingredients are not whole30. You can order no sugar added bacon online but it’s expensive and you can make your own BBQ sauce but the recipe in the book requires Apple cider. If I wanted to make that I would have to buy a half gallon of apple cider, use the 1/3 cup you need and throw the rest away or drink it. That’s a lot of waste or a lot of sugar so I chose to buy organic BBQ sauce with added sugar. I realize this is not perfect whole30, so please make your own BBQ sauce and use ham instead of bacon if you are looking for perfection.

The shopping list is designed for a family of 2 adults and a toddler to have an excessive amount of healthy food. There was definitely leftovers and some to freeze of some of the recipes. You will need to adjust the quantities to your needs. I hope you find this helpful. Please let me know what you think!



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