“Why would anyone give up bread!?!”

“I can’t live without pasta.”

“I can’t give up gluten, I would have nothing to eat.”

People always say these things to me. Actually you can give up gluten, and you will not die.

You may die or get multiple chronic diseases from eating poorly, you just won’t attribute it to diet.  You will attribute it to poor genes or old age because the people eating Oreos on TV are happy, healthy and skinny.

I prefer to approach healthy eating with the mindset that you are choosing whole foods over processed ones as opposed to “giving up” anything. Your goal is to nourish your body as best you can, unfortunately our education system, culture and government haven’t done a great job of teaching us how to do this. Things that you probably think are healthy like “whole wheat” bread, lowfat or nonfat dairy, most commercial yogurt, soy products, “diet” drinks, “no sugar added” anything and even some “gluten free” products are NOT good for you.

These things will NOT help you lose weight and they are NOT making you healthier.

And guess what? If you do stop eating unhealthy foods regularly and then you change your mind I promise there will always be plenty of pasta, bagels, cookies, pizza, donuts, candy and other processed garbage EVERYWHERE.

It’s not going anywhere. It will always be there if you really feel like you need to “cheat.”

If you really change your diet and give it enough of a chance that it becomes habit I promise you won’t want to.

Ok… so you know that your diet isn’t great. But why stop eating grains? dairy? corn? sugar?

It all comes down to your protecting your stomach. Your stomach and intestines are your MOST important defense system. They protect you from viruses, bacteria and toxins you ingest. If your gastrointestinal (GI) system isn’t healthy it can’t protect you.  There’s two parts to having a healthy GI; the actual health of the tissue and the health of your bacterial microflora within your GI. You need both to be functioning properly to stay healthy.

I am over-simplifying this, the science is extremely overwhelming. Here’s a great explanation of how damaged cells in your GI cause health problems.

I have learned so much in my research over the past year and I want to share everything! This is a general explanation of the Paleo diet. Check this out, it explains how damage in your GI contributes to anxiety and depression. Here’s an article on a patient who had chronic infections and other health conditions that were cured by following the Specific Carbohydrate Diet(SCD), a type of grain free diet with other restrictions. Here’s a story from a Mom who noticed improvement in her daughter’s autism after eliminating foods from her diet.

After doing all this research my opinion is that almost any health ailment could be caused by a “food intolerance” or “leaky gut” and that you won’t know until you try an elimination diet. If you or someone you know has a health condition it is worth a try. No harm can be done by choosing whole healthy foods over processed ones.

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